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Recordable Answer Buzzers


【Recordable Sound Buttons】Record the sounds you are interested in or short reminders, press the button to play it for you, and you can change the voice record at any time. 【Pet Training Buttons】Record phrases such as "eat", "play", "go out", "reward", train pets, and press buttons of different colors and corresponding sounds in scenes where you need to eat, go out, play, and fight for rewards to achieve brief communication. 【Easy Buttons】The bottom switch has three modes: "rec", "off", and "play". In "rec" mode, you can record when you press and hold the button, and in "Play" mode, you can press the button to play, easy to use, good sound quality. 【Multi-purpose】The recording button can not only help you train your pet, but also be used as a parent-child interactive toy and as a language education toy for children. It can also be used as a phonograph between family, company and friends.